This post is written out of character. Welcome to my blog.

I have been playing EvE Online since August 2013, roughly two years by now. During those years I went mining, built and destroyed spaceships, flew kilometer long jump freighters and waged war in the large market hubs of New Eden.

Recently, something new caught my attention: Roleplaying.

The backstory of EvE Online is vast and affects every ingame item and game mechanics. The NPC people and political entities actually have a millennia long history and even the player characters originate from the various bloodlines that exist in the empires.

Many, or even most of the players actually ignore the backstory of EvE Online. I don’t mean to say that they are not aware of it, but that it doesn’t really play a large role in their gameplay decisions.

I can’t say that the lore did not interest me when I started playing, but I only read it as an interesting story and it did not really have an impact.

In July this year I came back from a ca. six months long hiatus from EvE Online and decided to learn more about the details of New Edens lore.

I read some of the Chronicles  , Mark726’s excellent Lore Survival Guide  and a lot of entries from the fiction section of the official EvE Online wiki  .

Soaking up so much information can change the perspective one has in the game. Items, factions, NPC people, even player alliances, everything changes in depth and becomes alive in front of a rich background story.

Knowing the history of the big empires, or the stories behind some of the game mechanics started to affect my ingame decision making process.

It also made me question who I was as an in-game character. Where are my origins, on which planet was I born, what was the society like when I grew up, how did I even become a capsuleer?

The answers to those questions slowly began to trickle in.

Writers sometimes complain that the characters of their stories develop a will of their own. Something similar is happening to me at the moment. As I think more and more about the lore and roleplaying, I feel that it will affect what I do ingame in a profound and maybe unpredictable way.

My main character in EvE Online is ChingShi Bonney, she was born in the Khanid Kingdom.

This blog aims to tell parts of her backstory and what she does these days in New Eden.

I will also use it to share out of character thoughts about EvE Online and life in general. You have been warned.


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